Kids Extra Mural Activities


All Children Welcome

Living Ball Kids is a private extra mural activity offered for all children aged between 3-7 years at pre-school as well as primary schools.

Rugby Based Skills

Our programmes concentrate on rugby based skills which include physical and motor-skills development.

Focus on Safety

The rugby curriculum has been developed to focus on safety and skill development and includes life skills in each session.

Positive Fun

The programmes are specially formulated to enhance skill development through fun, positive, energetic and enjoyable exercises, training and games.

Develop Sport in all Communities & Cultures


Play it!

We strive to develop motor skills and safety techniques which forms the base of all future sport players.

Live it!

Our primary goal is the holistic development of the learner within the sport milieu

Share it!

We encourage the learner to develop a passion for the game and for the gospel through sport, and a healthy respect for the safety and human dignity of all participants.

Why Living Ball Kids


Trained Facilitators

Trained and informed facilitators will develop individuals sport skills

Safety & Fun

Concentrating on safety and adding elements of fun


Concentrating on safety and adding elements of fun to create an unique experience

Play it! Live it! Share it!

Rugby Player

Our vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all over the world, using the “Living Ball” as a tool – where each ball becomes a symbol of hope